Wednesday, April 8, 2009



So if nobody knows by now im a gamer i absolutely L O V E 
video games. Can't forget to mention that im nice lol.
Well so Resident Evil 5 had came out a couple of weeks ago && my sisters boyfriend decided
to challenge me. He bet me $50 that I will not be able to beat it before him....
little did he know...I ran upstairs && was on my way starting to play the game =)
{great game by the way i def. recommend for you to buy it =) } that night i went to a dinner party next day I was busy doing B.S && Sunday I went to see my grandma then hung out with my friend that I haven't seen in sooo long. Yet I still was able to beat the game in just 3 days.
So yeah he now owes me $50 but I have yet to see this money of mine. I always ask him about it && there's so many excuses a person can give. *sighs* So yeah now he might actually be avoiding me lol. My sis is going to Japan tomorrow I wanted to give her that money as well so that I can get something. Well I did tell him not to show up to my house without the $$.


  1. wow twinn
    i never knew you played games
    up 4 some halo 3


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