Friday, April 24, 2009


So I can't wait for the summer. I'm planning a trip for my ( excuse me) our birthday. She wants to go to Greece I want to go to Egypt or Dubai. My mommy's going to her country Peru.
Therefore she won't even see me =(. I'm going to plan this good so that it happens && hopefully my job will NOT ruin anything (plans never work for me but it has to this time). I'm so excited I hope this summer is better than last. It was just too boring nothing exciting. Oh i want to go skydiving so bad =D. I hear you have to take classes a year prior to it is there any truth to that?
well at work the other day some guy came in && left fliers for "white water rafting", biking and paint balling in the Poconos. My friend told me that water rafting is fun (she did that in Costa Rica by the jungle && saw some type of tribe it's crazy how they're some that still exist) but her arms got tired fast && that she doesn't think I'll last. PLEASE what does she know lol I wanna do that just as much as I wanna go sky diving && I really want to do it lol call me crazy.
Any who it's suppose to be hot this weekend im glad I hate the winter, the spring always gets me sick; hello sweet summer =).


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